Family Law Cases in Charleston

Family law cases are emotional legal situations to endure, and oftentimes result from a divorce or other family proceeding. There are legal responsibilities between those that are married, which is why having a lawyer to provide insight into a case can be potentially beneficial for reducing tension. Divorce can lead to common disputes regarding issues like child custody, child support and visitation rights. As complicated as family law cases can be, attorney Jason G. Soper is prepared to offer his support.

Providing Compassionate Legal Representation

Our attorney understands the effect that a legal matter can have on a child, which is why he will work diligently to protect your family. In addition to our experience handling divorce and child custody cases, The Law Office of Jason G. Soper can also provide representation and counsel for legal matters relating to adoption, grandparent's rights, marital property, alimony, child support, DSS and prenuptial agreements. We strive to help you navigate the sensitive circumstances of a family law case.

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Attorney Jason G. Soper has over ten years of experience representing families across the Charleston area. He is prepared to offer the compassionate legal support that you depend on during this difficult time. Contact our lawyer today for more information regarding a family law case in Charleston.


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