Injury Cases in Charleston

When you sustain an injury from the negligence or recklessness of another individual or entity, it could be beneficial to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney. At The Law Office of Jason G. Soper, we will work with insurance agencies to help you file a claim following an accident or injury. Generally if a claim is filed, an insurance company will look into the circumstances of the accident and gather facts. Insurance companies are not always on the side of the injured, which is why it's important to have an attorney to safeguard your rights and interests.

Building a Personal
Injury Case

Depending on the state in which you live, there is a statute of limitations, or set amount of time, that you have to file a lawsuit for a personal injury. In South Carolina, most cases have three years from the date an injury was sustained to file a lawsuit against an individual or property. Personal injury cases involve a variety of complex details, including potential compensation. Attorney Jason G. Soper has experience representing individuals with personal injury cases in Charleston.

Contact Our
Personal Injury
Attorney Today

At The Law Office of Jason G. Soper, our attorney is committed to your recovery, which is why he will work with you during each step of the legal process. A personal injury can have an effect on your entire family, but our attorney is prepared to lend his guidance and support. For more information about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Charleston, contact attorney Jason G. Soper today.


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